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Bad Beard Habits You Need to Break

Bad Beard Habits You Need to Break

You are the proud owner of a rugged, masculine beard. Good for you. Show off that facial hair with pride - you deserve it. Unless…

You’re letting it turn into a tangly, messy, dried out, dehydrated, bird’s nest of a beard. In that case, it’s time to make some changes.

Too many guys fall into bad beard habits. The first part is easy - grow out a beard. No problem - all you have to do is stop shaving. Right?

Wrong - even the growing out period requires some beard maintenance. You want to trim the edges while still letting your facial hair thicken and grow. But once it’s there, you need to kick up your beard grooming a notch. Here’s how - and the bad habits it’s far past time to break.

1 - You Never Moisturize

Your beard - and the skin beneath it - crave moisture. Your facial hair needs attention and love. Don’t just wash it with soap and assume you’re going to get great results. Quite the opposite.

Harsh soaps with strong detergents dry out your skin and hair. If you have sensitive skin, they can do worse than that. So make sure you’re using a gentle face wash for men with natural ingredients. And a natural shampoo for men or all in one wash for men. 

all in one wash for men

Keep your skin hydrated and healthy with face moisturizer for men. But don’t skip the beard oil. A natural beard oil with essential oils will keep your whiskers strong, moisturized, and naturally shiny. It’s the best way to enhance your beard.

2 - You Pluck Out Gray Hairs

Yes, you’re getting older. Yes, your beard may be getting a bit more salt and pepper than you like. But no, the answer is not plucking out individual gray hairs. Many experts say that plucking out grays will only make more come back. But it’s a fool’s errand - you can’t stop the aging process. Embrace the salt and pepper beard - it’s masculine, distinguished, and attractive.

Still worried about the aging process? Use the best anti-aging products for men to keep your skin tight, firm, and healthy. That way you’ll maintain a youthful appearance.

best anti aging products for men

3 - You Trim Your Neckline All Wrong

Neckline trimming can be tricky. It can make or break your beard. Too many guys let it break theirs. Don’t be part of the problem.

Smart guys who want to look their best invest in beard trimmers. Get one to help you properly taper your beard’s neckline without leaving it too high, too low, or just a total mess. Even if you have a big, bushy beast of a beard, trimming the edges is a nice detail that shows you actually care about your grooming routine.

4 - You Fidget with Your Beard

Pulling. Twisting. Yanking. Brushing. Braiding. Guys do some weird stuff with their beards while they’re sitting at work, trying to kill time. You don’t want this to be you.

Messing with your beard can create knots, weaken the hair strands, and lead to uneven growth. A fidget spinner is a much better option than your beard. Leave that thing alone - even when shampooing or moisturizing your beard, be gentle. Massage it smoothly and evenly, then pat dry.

5 - You’re Cheap

Cheap products made with harsh chemicals aren’t the way to go if you want a great beard. Invest in quality beard care products - including a natural beard oil and a natural shampoo for men. Yes, these will set you back a few dollars more than the cheap stuff. But the results - both short and long term - will be well worth it.

If you’ve fallen into one or more of these bad beard habits, don’t sweat it. Get motivated to break those habits, improve your beard, and look better than ever.

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