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Should You Try to Cut Your Own Hair?

Should You Try to Cut Your Own Hair?

How often do you visit the barber? Let’s say you go every 3 weeks. You get trimmed up, you always look your best, and you never let your hair get out of control. That’s important, since most guys’ hair grows a half inch per month.

But over the course of a year, the cost of all those haircuts really adds up. And there are times when you need a haircut, but it’s totally inconvenient to actually visit the barbershop. Wouldn’t it be nice to just cut your own hair at home? It can’t be that hard… can it?

Truth - it’s not easy. Your first few cuts probably won’t look so great. There will be uneven places and less than perfect edges. This project requires time and patience. So maybe don’t cut your hair for the first time the day before an important interview or business meeting.

But it can be done. Here are some potential benefits to learning to cut your own hair:

It’s Cool - There’s something undeniably bad ass about cutting your own hair at home. It makes you independent, skilled, and unique. Guys will be jealous. Women will be impressed.

It’s Cheap - You will easily save more than $500 in the course of a year by cutting your hair at home instead of visiting the barbershop.

It’s Convenient - Cut your hair when and where you want. If you’re traveling and need a quick trim, no problem. You don’t have to worry about some new barber botching your look.

Gear Worth Investing In

Your hair will never look right if you don’t have the right tools. Here are the basics you’ll need.

Hair Clippers

If you’ve never used a pair of hair clippers before, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest thing you can find. But keep in the mind that cheaping out here isn’t going to help your results.

Compare clippers online, read reviews, and check out video demonstrations of different models before you make a final choice. If you start with a cheaper model, you can always purchase a nicer one after you’ve developed your skills a bit and have a better idea of which clipper features you’ll like.


Don’t just grab the old scissors from your junk drawer and expect them to work fine. It’s worth spending a bit on a professional pair of hair-cutting sheers. Again, compare reviews and be wiling to spend more than dirt cheap - this is your hair we’re talking about.


Especially when you’re a newbie, you need to see what you’re doing. Your bathroom mirror is probably fine for the front view. But what about your neckline and the sides of your head? If you leave them a mess, it will be a sure sign that you botched your hair cut. Definitely not the professional look you were going for.

Invest in a three way mirror, a magnified mirror that you can move, or some other easily adjustable setup. You need a clear view if you’re going to become a hair-cutting pro.

Besides just having the right tools, you need to maintain them well too. Keep your clippers oiled and in good condition. Sharpen your scissors when necessary. And keep everything clean and stored in a convenient location.

Hair Care Essentials

Besides your hair-cutting gear, you also need to keep your hair in great shape between cuts. Use the best shampoo for men and a natural hair conditioner for men each week. Washing every other day and conditioning 3-4 times each week is best for most guys. For styling, try a natural wax pomade for men that won’t dehydrate or irritate your scalp.

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