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Beyond Skincare for Men: Is Your Lifestyle Promoting Healthy Skin?

Beyond Skincare for Men: Is Your Lifestyle Promoting Healthy Skin?

Some guys (very few) are born with naturally healthy, radiant, perfect skin. They are in the extreme minority.

For most people, it takes hard work to look and feel great. That’s why you need a solid skincare for men routine. Without it, your skin will look aged and dull.

Maybe you’ve got genetics working against you. That’s ok - it can be dealt with. But how about your lifestyle? Are your daily habits helping or hurting your skincare efforts?

Take a look at your lifestyle and review these suggestions. Find where you can make improvements so that you aren’t undoing all the good from your skincare for men products.

Start with a Great Skincare Routine

First things first. If you’re not using the best skincare routine for men, you won’t see the best results. It should include a gentle face wash for men and a daily face moisturizer for men - at the minimum.

best skincare routine for men

Wash and hydrate your face each morning and each evening before bed. That way you’ll keep your pores clean and your complexion bright.

Pro tip: Make sure your face wash is designed for your skin type. If you’re not sure what skin type you are, take this fast quiz and get your Skin Health Score plus personalized recommendations for which products are right for you. For example, guys with sensitive skin should use a lather-free face wash with gentle cleansers that won’t leave their skin dry or irritated.

Hydration - Not Just for Your Face

Dehydration is bad news for your skin. You need plenty of water in your system to keep your skin full, clear, and elastic. If you aren’t drinking enough water, you will experience dry, flaky, tight skin as a result. Worse yet, dehydrated skin is more likely to wrinkle.

This can be hard during the hot summer months when getting sweaty leads to fast dehydration. Make sure you’re prepared by always having water with you and drinking often. Experts recommend 8 glasses of water each day.

Sleep Is Good for Skin - But Your Dirty Pillowcases Aren’t

Your pillowcases can become hotspots for bacteria, dirt, grime, and sweat if you don’t change them often enough. If you’ve noticed acne breakouts and other skin problems despite following your skincare routine, this may be the problem.

There are two easy ways to make sure your dirty sheets don’t mess up your skin.

1 - Use pillowcases made from natural fabrics. Cotton and other natural materials breathe and reduce the amount of sweat and oil your face is lying in all night.

2 - Wash them every few days. The more often you wash your pillowcases, the less likely you are to expose your face to bad bacteria. For the best results, don’t use fabric softener on them. It can leave behind a residue that clogs pores.

Skip the Fast Food for Better Skin

No, the problem here isn’t oily food. It’s junk food in general. Replace high carb, high sugar, low nutrient meals with lean meats and fresh vegetables. That way you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to look its best.

Are you sure food allergies aren’t aggravating your skin problems? Intolerances and allergies can cause oily skin, acne, and other trouble. Dairy, for example, can cause skin problems for guys who are lactose intolerant.

All Around Better Skin

Want better, healthier, more youthful skin? You need to worry about more than just your skincare for men routine. Take into consideration your lifestyle and adjust any habits that could be detrimental to your skin. You’ll be able to enjoy a great complexion and an enviable appearance.

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